Planting potatoes without a shovel

Today there are many ways to plant potatoes and for this it is absolutely not necessary to spend a lot of time and effort. Today, in order to plant potatoes do not even need a shovel. First of all, for this you must not forget to fertilize the beds with humus in the autumn. Before planting, it is necessary to cultivate the soil using a hand cultivator.

For added convenience, we use a special marker with which we precisely mark the places where each potato will be planted. It can be made using metal rods and a welding machine. This device is an iron cross with a handle, each end of which is stuck in the ground.

Thus, we get 4 small recesses at the same distance from each other.

Next, we use another device with which we will deepen and expand the existing pits. This device consists of two long iron rods connected to two blades at the other end according to the principle of scissors.

By connecting and disconnecting the rods, the shoulder blades will make the pits in the ground deeper and wider.

Please note that due to the large length of the rods, we do not even have to bend down.

Since we do not use any chemistry, as an additional and completely natural fertilizer in the pits, we first put the beans one in each. This is done due to the fact that this culture releases nitrogen, which is necessary for the growth of potatoes. At the time of direct planting, you need to ensure that each potato is sprouted down. This is important because in this case, the root system is strengthened more, providing a better crop.

When the potatoes are planted, we take an ordinary metal rake, and we rake the ground, digging holes in the potatoes.

When everything is ready, the beds need to be mulched. Hay is perfect for this. As for the thickness of the layer, it is enough to do no more than 10 centimeters.

This method of planting potatoes does not provide for any hilling or weeding, which will greatly save your time and effort. Now it remains only to wait for the fall. When the right time comes, we simply rake the mulch, and if everything is done correctly, we will have an excellent harvest.