Do-it-yourself ribbon bows

To decorate hairstyles from long hair, you can make bows of ribbons with your own hands. For the manufacture of beautiful bows you will need satin ribbons, a needle with a thread, rubber bands for hair and bright large beads. Tapes 2.5 cm wide will need to be cut into pieces of 5 cm, burn the edges of the tapes with a lighter so as not to dissolve.

Each piece of tape must be quilted with a needle and thread in the manner shown in the photo.

Then pull the thread and tie a knot. It turns out such a workpiece. Sharp corners can be carefully cut with scissors and burn a little with a lighter.

To make bows from ribbons, you need to prepare eight such blanks for each bow. Then all the petals are sewn sequentially with each other and connected in a circle.

In the middle of the resulting flower, you need to sew a beautiful bead or button.

The next step is to make a socket on which the flower will be sewn. For this, a tape 1.2 cm wide must be cut into pieces 18 cm long and the sections burned with a lighter. For two bows you will need 8 pieces of ribbon.

For the outlet, it is better to take ribbons of different colors, you can close, but you can also contrast shades. Each tape must be folded with a figure of eight and stitched in the middle.

From the resulting blanks, make a socket, sew with a thread.

Sew a flower in the middle of the outlet. An elastic band for hair is sewn from the wrong side.

The second bow is done in the same way as the first. DIY satin bows are made quite simple. Two identical bows look great in the hairstyle of a schoolgirl.

Such bows can be glued to a hair band or an automatic hair clip - it all depends on desire and imagination.