How to make a hand hobber potato from an old bike

Everyone who has a garden knows how hard it is to prepare beds for planting potatoes and further growing them. Usually this process, depending on the number of hundredths, stretches for 2-7 days. Today, you can reduce the time of work with the help of a manual hiller, made by yourself using simple technology.

Will need

  • An old child or adult bike (or rather, only the front fork).

  • Sheet metal.

  • Steel pipe for the frame, a pair of steel strips.

In general, the hiller is made entirely of trash, which can be found in almost every garage.

Manufacturing process

Manual hiller can be done in an hour. The manufacturing process itself is as follows:

To make a knife from a steel sheet, cut out the petals, bend them and weld them out to the reinforcement. We reinforce the lower part with steel strips.

We disassemble the bicycle and separate the front fork with the wheel.

We cut off the hinge with a grinder and weld a piece of a half meter pipe to the fork. Then we weld a meter piece of pipe at an angle.

A hiller knife is welded to the bend.

A bicycle wheel is put on the end of the pipe.

The knife is welded in such a way that it is possible to adjust the angle of inclination.

In general, the resulting device will look like a purchased motorbike. However, unlike a store apparatus, a hiller will cost several times less than the production counterpart and will serve its owner longer, since store samples often have a fragile structure and quickly break down.

Interestingly, you can achieve the same appearance of your product as in a store. To do this, you can additionally paint the component devices, varnish or attach plastic to them.

Now hilling potatoes or beds will be noticeably easier and several times faster.

Since the hiller knife is adjustable in angle and height, you can set convenient parameters to fit your needs.