Auto repair punch - an indispensable tool

Could the driver need such a brutal tool as a puncher, traditionally considered a construction tool, and designed for rough work: the destruction, crumbling and grinding of bricks, stone, concrete and reinforced concrete?

It seems that he does not have a place in the garage and, especially, in the luggage compartment of the car. Probably, it is somewhere beyond the hillock, but not in our country. We do not have highly specialized tools and a hammer drill, of course, is no exception.

Hammer drill + old drill and wheel bolt

From a broken drill and an old wheel bolt, you can make a non-standard, but very useful working tool, which, coupled with a punch, will greatly help the driver in the repair and maintenance of the car.

We cut off almost the entire spiral part from the drill, squeezed into a bench vise, leaving for later use a mechanism that is designed to be fixed in the cartridge.

On the emery wheel of the grinding machine, we lightly clean the plane along which the drill was cut, and the end of the wheel bolt shaft.

We tightly connect these two parts on the cleaned surfaces and weld by welding. The result is a hammer, which, after being fixed in the cartridge of a perforator, perfectly helps to disconnect all kinds of details.

It can be the tips or ball bearings of the steering wheel of the car.

For this it is enough to put the hammer to the holding part, turn on the shock mode and pry off the assembly to be removed slightly with a mount.

Also, a puncher with such a tool can be used almost like an impact screwdriver when disassembling the generator housing or some other assembly by acting on a manual screwdriver, the sting of which is already installed in the recesses of the unscrewed bolt.

It will also be useful for knocking bearings out of its seats. To do this, install the hammer on the removable bearing, and turn on the hammer. In a word, our device can be useful to the driver for performing a ton of similar and other types of work, if you are smart.

For example, quite often it is not possible to unscrew a threaded connection when repairing the undercarriage of a car or components constantly experiencing high temperatures. If our tool does not succumb to a non-amenable bolt or nut, then usually, after such an energetic impact, they can easily be unscrewed with an ordinary wrench.

Hammer + Chisel

Such a homemade product is simply an invaluable find for those drivers who repair a car with their own hands. It is only important that the hammering mode is chiselling, that is, a strike without rotation.

Then, having inserted and secured the tip in the form of a chisel in the cartridge, it is possible to literally cut an indescribable nut that could not be unscrewed by any other means and devices.

Also, acting with such a tip in the punching mode, you can easily unscrew the jammed nut on the grinder, which holds the cutting disc on the spindle.

Hammer drill + extension of the old winch

For the next homemade, we need an extension of the old winch.

We clamp it in a bench vise and cut the front part with a grinder or a hacksaw for metal and also weld to the base of the drill.

As a result, such a tool will allow to press in bearings of different sizes due to the selection of a suitable head.

Also, such a combination of a tool and a working body when using the rotation and impact mode turns the entire system into an impact wrench, with which it will be easier to unscrew the bolts and nuts of the vehicle chassis or dismantle the hull units.

Puncher + savvy

And with a puncher, you can open the door to a car, for example, when the lock becomes rusty or freezes in the cold. To do this, it is necessary to work with this tool in the slotting mode through a piece of plastic or a book in a thick cover on the door trim in the immediate vicinity of the lock. From small, but high-frequency vibrations, rust or ice crack, crumble and the lock mechanism, freeing itself from them, easily opens.

Using a puncher and a hammer, it is possible to quickly and easily disassemble the generator, acting on one of the parts with a tool in the chiselling mode and at the same time applying a small axial force to the gap to the other.

Vibration in this and similar cases destroys the accumulated and hardened from long-term use of dirt, dust, grease and other ingredients at the junction of parts, which facilitates disassembly.

Also in this way you can remove the brake drums, knock out the old catalysts from the exhaust pipe, etc.