Laptop case

A laptop is not only an expensive technique, but also rather capricious. To protect it, you need a special "clothing", that is, a cover. It will protect your device from dust, scratches, temperature effects and other troubles.

Many women know how to make good variety of gifts with their own hands. But not all men are able to appreciate their skill and are rather skeptical about things of this kind. But we are sure that the laptop case, sewn with love with your own hands, will not leave indifferent even the most inveterate skeptic.

A cover, of course, can be bought. But to make it yourself from a variety of materials is much more pleasant. Today we will sew an envelope cover made of fabric.

For the manufacture of such necessary things were used:

- black drape;

- colored cotton fabric for lining;

- a piece of gray drape for a pocket;

- Velcro tape for fasteners;

- a shred of red felt for decoration.

Stages of the work:

1. We measure the dimensions of our laptop. To do this, fold the fabric (black drape) in half and draw a rectangle of the main part in accordance with the measurements taken. For the valve on the lower layer of fabric, add another 8-10 cm on top. We give an allowance of 1-1.5 cm on the sides and 3-4 cm in the upper and lower parts. We cut the resulting workpiece.

2. From the lining fabric, cut out a rectangle of the same size, but without allowances above and below. From a gray drape we cut out a pocket. Its width is equal to the width of the main part, the height of your choice. The top of the pocket can be folded or its edge can be worked with zigzag scissors.

3. Attach the pocket to the front wall of our cover. Previously, you can make a fold in the bottom of the pocket to give it more volume.

4. The lining fabric and the main part are folded with the wrong sides together, we wrap the drape on the lining on the top and bottom for 3-4 cm hem. Stitch the sides by 0.5 cm, the upper and lower parts - by 2-3 cm, respectively.

5. Bend the resulting “sandwich” with the lining outward and diagonally weave the lower corners of our envelope. We cut the corners, leaving an allowance of 0.5 cm.

6. Sew pieces of Velcro tape to the valve and front wall of the envelope.

7. Fold the envelope with the lining inward and stitch the sides.

8. Cut out strips of oblique inlay from the lining fabric, each 3-4 cm wide, and process the right and left edges of the laptop case with them.

9. It remains to attach the felt decoration to the valve with hot-melt adhesive (you can also sew it nicely if your assistant, a sewing machine, is capable of this operation).

The original laptop case is ready. It is hand-sewn, therefore, as an exclusive thing, it will be especially to the liking of a loved one and friends as a gift.

In design and beauty, the cover will not yield to the finished one bought in a special store.