A simple gasoline generator from available parts do-it-yourself

Your attention will be offered two designs of the simplest home-made gasoline generator, made on the basis of an engine from a trimmer and a car generator. The power of such an installation can vary from 1 to 2 kW. It all depends on engine power and the power of the car generator. The output voltage is 12 V, but no one forbids connecting the inverter and raising the voltage to 220 V.

In general, such a homemade product is available to everyone, because after all the engine from the trimmer may well lie in your workshop, and finding a car generator is not a problem at all.

Will need

  • Gasoline engine from trimmer. It is advisable to use of course a 4-stroke, but a 2-stroke is quite suitable.

  • Serviceable car generator. It already has an integrated output voltage stabilization control system.

  • The battery is 12 V. Not necessarily large and powerful, it will be used only for launch. Without it, the generator will not generate electric current, since the initial voltage must be applied to the collector for primary excitation.

Option 1: Direct Transmission Gas Generator

Its construction is simple and not intricate, as you see. The only difficult step will be the preparation of the water shaft drill chuck.

In order: the shaft is cut, sharpened on a lathe, a thread is cut under the chuck.

Next, a cartridge is screwed into which the generator shaft is clamped.

Further, everything is fixed on a wooden stand. The difficulty lies in the fact that all the units are well fixed so that their axes are in the same plane, so that during rotation the runout is minimal.

We start the gasoline engine, connect the generator to the battery. With a voltmeter with a bulb, we check its operation.

Watch the video of work

Option 2: Belt Drive Gas Generator

Very similar to the first one, only a belt is used to transmit rotation. A pulley is fixed to the trimmer shaft, and everything is connected by a belt.

We fix everything on a wooden base.

We start the trimmer and also check the work.

Watch the video of the generator


In winter, such a generator will be just a godsend for those who have a weak battery in the car. Such an installation can easily be carried with you in the trunk, it does not take up much space.

And in general, the application to the generator can be found in a variety of ways. As mentioned earlier: you can connect a powerful inverter and power any 220 V load, right up to the power tool.