Acrylic nail extension

Every woman is obliged to monitor the beauty of her face and hands. But the business lady does not always have enough time for a daily manicure, and due to constant homework with her hands, the nails begin to peel off, the nails break. Nail extension is the choice of modern women, because thanks to this procedure, nails remain long and beautiful for long weeks. In beauty salons, this service is very expensive, but there is a way out - to perform the extension at home, and the costs will cost you tens of times cheaper. You can carry out the build-up without the need for special skills, the main thing is to follow step-by-step photos and carefully watch the video.

So, for building acrylic you will need the following materials and tools:

1. Liquid

2. Plymer

3. Forms for building

4. Acrylic

5. Tips (transparent or dairy)

6. Nippers

7. Tip cutter

8. Soft file for grinding nails

9. A solid nail file for natural and extended nails

10. Brush for acrylic (size 7-8)

Building acrylic on nail tips over gel has many advantages: nail tips can be removed, they are more durable and must be restored, when you need to cut off a broken nail built up with gel, and you can’t restore gel nails.

Before the procedure, the nails must be carefully treated. They should be trimmed to the root, filed with a nail file and there should be no varnish on them.

The cuticle is carefully removed with an orange stick. You do not need to cut it, it will be masked after applying acrylic.

It is necessary to process all nails as a whole with a nail file so that they have a rough surface.

For each nail, you need to choose a tips - a false nail. They come in ten sizes. The number is on the top of the tips. Spread a special nail glue on the tip. In secret, I’ll say that the Chinese tips are very short-lived, so pay a little extra and choose a Korean or European manufacturer.

Glue the tips, hold it on the nail for a few seconds, until the glue dries. You should feel when the nail tips firmly adhere to the nail plate.

Repeat this procedure with each nail. Sometimes it happens that tips of the same size fit on the same nail, or the nail of the right hand is different in size from the nail of the left - do not be alarmed, it happens.

Cut off the excess length of the nail with a tip cutter, check it on the extension form, where the scale is marked with a centimeter. It is done so that all nails are the same length.

I will make the “stilettos” shape - they are always long (no shorter than 4 cm) and sharp, so the square edges must be cut off with nippers so that it is easier to shape them later. By the way, the name "stylet" was given to such nails for a reason: a pointed Italian dagger is also called.

Now start grinding the nail. The base of the tips should be completely cut off and connect with a natural nail. After watching the video, you will be able to understand how to properly file tips so that they do not break.

Now you can give the form a "stylet", for this it is necessary to cut off the edges of the nail so that a natural nail smoothly passes in them.

Now smear each nail with a degreaser - a primer.

Apply acrylic liquid to the tips. At number 1 - liquid liquid, at number 2 - powdered acrylic. Acrylic is white and pink. Pink is suitable for French manicure, because it looks very natural. Apply the composition very carefully. Acrylic freezes quickly, so you need to do everything extremely quickly. The more you put acrylic, the stronger the nail will be. The video demonstrates this procedure.

In the center of the nail should get a small tubercle. Do not be alarmed if the surface of the extended nail is uneven - all this can be cut.

First trim the nail file with a nail file. They should remain as sharp.

Now you can start grinding. Level the surface of the nail, remove all the tubercles. After that, remove the dust and acrylic residues with a brush and proceed to varnish. The first step is to apply a transparent varnish, then color, and the third layer is a fixing varnish that will give shine to the nails.

As you can see, building nails without skills is a snap. An untrained master will complete it in a maximum of 4 hours. The shape of the stilettos is the most difficult, so for the first building you can choose a square one. Stiletto is the most outlandish form of marigolds, but you need to be careful with them - otherwise you can injure yourself or break tights. Long nails are a real luxury, you will be doubly happy with the result if you do the building yourself!