Paraffin candles and natural materials

We will prepare everything we need for the manufacture of candles. You can choose the shape and size yourself. I got a candle measuring 7 by 7 cm and 4 cm in height. In fact, the size of the candle will depend on the parameters of the larger box that you can find. The decor of the candle will depend on what materials you prefer. For decoration, you can use everything that does not melt from the temperature of molten paraffin or wax and does not change its color (small pebbles, shells, starfish, coffee grains, buttons, cereals or seeds, dried flowers or artificial flowers, coins, etc.) .

We will need:

• paraffin or wax candles - 4 pcs.;

• two cardboard boxes of square shape;

• glassware for melting paraffin;

• stand for hot;

• gloves for hand protection;

• microwave or water bath;

• wooden stick for fixing the wick;

• scissors or clerical knife;

• pencil;

• ruler;

• adhesive tape to strengthen the boxes;

• natural materials: cereals, pebbles, dried flowers, artificial flowers, buttons, etc.

We cut unnecessary parts of cardboard boxes and equalize the height of smaller and larger. Marking can be done using a ruler and pencil. We glue the bottom of the boxes with tape so that all the holes are securely closed and the wax does not leak out.

We insert the smaller box into the large one so that it is located in the center. The glue for fixing should not be used, because further we will need to remove it from the frozen paraffin or wax. To ensure that the box does not move during operation, use several pebbles as weights, which you mark in a smaller box.

Pour the first layer of cereal.

Break the candles with neat movements and remove the wick.

We put paraffin or wax in a glass container and melt in a microwave. With a power of 750 W, 5 minutes will be enough.

Pour the first layer of cereal with paraffin.

On a slightly frozen first layer, carefully lay out dried flowers or other objects you have chosen. Fill everything with paraffin.

The number of layers you can determine yourself. It is important that each layer cools slightly before applying the next. Leave the candle to cool. To speed up this process, it can be refrigerated for 10 minutes.

We attach the wick to a wooden stick.

Carefully take out the smaller box. It is important that the paraffin is completely cooled and not plastic at this point.

We place the wick in the center of the future candle and press its lower end with a pebble and fill the inner recess in the candle with melted paraffin again. We put the candle in the refrigerator for half an hour and only after the paraffin has completely solidified, carefully remove the top box, cutting its edges with a stationery knife - this way you can easily remove it without damaging the candle.