Convenient folding shelf in the trunk of a car

Everyone can make such a shelf in their car and significantly expand the capacity of their trunk. This thing will definitely be a useful owner of cars in the station wagon and hatchback.

As you know, the total volume of the rear trunk is measured in liters and indicated in the passport. But the design of the car itself does not make it possible to fully use it 100%, because if you fill it with small objects, then they lie on top of each other, wrinkle, break ... And all this is so awkward, bad and uncomfortable. And if you transport products in this way, then they will all be remembered and will become worthless.

If you make this very simple shelf, then it will allow you to store things in two tiers, then everything will become much simpler and more convenient.

Will need

  • The grate is metal. If there is no metal, cut a solid sheet of plywood.

  • Folding legs (garage stops). You can also make them yourself from metal tubes.

  • A piece of car fender.

  • Two hooks on wood.

  • 8 nylon screeds.

Folding Shelf Making

The first step is to cut the metal grill to the width of your luggage compartment.

It is also necessary to determine the height of the future shelf. We take the legs and cut them to the desired length with a hacksaw for metal.

Squeeze the seals from the scraps with a thin object.

And set them back to the shortened legs.

In the places of fastening of the shelf (in the rear seats) we screw the hooks, according to the future height.

On the other side of the grill we fix the legs on nylon ties.

First one, then the second.

From the carpet we cut the canvas for wrapping. We cut the grooves for the legs.

Sew, stitching together.

The stripes indicate the lines where it is necessary to flash. Everything is sewn with a regular needle with ordinary thread.

With a sharp knife, cut holes for the hooks.

It will not be superfluous to sheathe the hole so that the material does not fluff.


A folded shelf does not interfere in any way.

Unfolded view. It looks like she was always here from the factory.

Now you can put things in two rows and nothing will be forgotten.

Just see how convenient it is.

Just a fantastic order and comfort not only for you, but also for your things!

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