Frame from newspaper tubes under a baguette

Sometimes even the most simple fake, made by yourself, is much higher than buying from a store. Proof of this is the frame for a picture or photograph, glued from ordinary newspaper tubes. In this master class we will tell you how to make a beautiful large frame almost for free.

We will need:

1. Old unnecessary newspapers

2. The handle rod

3. Glue pencil

4. Clay Sec

5. Black gouache

6. Golden paint

7. Tassel

8. Ruler with a 90 degree angle

9. Cardboard sheet

10. Scissors

11. A4 sheets

Working process:

1. Take one page of a newspaper in A4 size. We twist from it the tubes of the same width. For this we need a rod from the handle.

2. Since the baguette will be three-tiered, first we glue together three tubes. We wait until the glue dries, and during this time we glue the second tier: for this you need to glue two tubes. We fasten both tiers. The final stage is the third tier, for which we stick one tube. That's what we got.

Since the size of our picture is too large to manage with four such blanks, it is better to prepare 8 such designs.

3. The next stage is the preparation of the base for our frame. We take a sheet of cardboard. We specifically increased the bottom and width by 3 cm in order to stick baguettes, which are like 3 cm wide.

So, we cut the workpiece under the frame, the sides of which are 3 cm wide.

4. A very crucial moment has come - you need to adjust the angles of each of the blocks. To do this, cut the edges strictly at 45 degrees. Use a protractor or ruler during operation.

5. Combine every corner. Put glue on the surface of the cardboard, press newspaper blocks and wait a few minutes. It is important that our frame is smooth and neat, so you need to work hard to ensure that the newspaper blocks are clearly glued.

6. Leave our fake to dry. To do this, she will need a couple of hours

7. Now that the frame is completely dry, proceed to painting. We chose black color. If you want your frame to be white or any other light shade, it is advisable that the newspaper tubes themselves be without text and pictures. Otherwise, it will take a lot of effort and time to paint over all the flaws. We saved you and ourselves from this work by choosing thick black gouache.

We color the frame carefully, without missing hard-to-reach spots between the tubes.

8. Since we thought about a very large picture or photo, in the middle of each side of the frame we got a sloppy seam that can be masked. We decided to dilute the black volume with a golden hue next to each seam.

9. When the rami is completely dry, glue two A4 sheets and glue them to the back of the frame.

10. It remains to make holes in order to hang the frame. Glue 2 small cardboard squares to it and make a hole in each of them.

11. Insert a photo or picture into the frame and hang it on the wall.