How to clean a mattress

A clean mattress is simply a necessary condition for every person, because in a dream a person spends the third part of his life. This simple four-step cleaning guide will help you find a comfortable and clean sleeping area.

What do we need

To clean the mattress you will need very few elements, and all of them are improvised:

  • baking soda,

  • a sieve (salt shaker for sugar or salt - it will be even better),

  • a vacuum cleaner.

Dust removal

If you use a sieve, pour soda into it and use a sieve to spray it throughout the mattress. Your goal is to remove dust, so it’s okay if you spill too much soda in a certain area. Especially dirty sections of the mattress require more sodium bicarbonate.

In the case of using a salt shaker, the process is similar - just spray soda over the entire surface.

Using a vacuum cleaner

After you have poured soda, leave the mattress intact for several hours, or even better, for the whole day - and soda will do the trick. She will pull all the dirt and odors from the fabric and absorb them, without harming the fabric itself.

Next, you should especially vacuum the mattress to remove soda from all its cracks. Otherwise, grains of sodium bicarbonate will not allow you to sleep comfortably at night.


Hurrah! Your mattress is clean again!

And if it still has small spots, just repeat the procedure again. Maybe getting rid of particularly difficult stains without dry cleaning will not work. However, this method is excellent for surface cleaning of a mattress without the use of chemicals. Use it as often as possible.

Clean the mattress immediately as it becomes dirty to prevent strong stains. This procedure can also be repeated with any upholstered furniture - sofas, armchairs and chairs.

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