Crochet baby bag

We bring to your attention a beautiful and original crocheted handbag for girls. Even a beginner needlewoman can make it in a few hours or in one evening. For work, we need white cotton threads - 100 grams, hook number 3, two bright children's buttons in the shape of an apple, a thin needle and spools of thread. The pattern of the handbag is very simple, fits quickly and easily.

First you need to crochet 46 air loops, turn the job to the other side and start knitting the first row. First row: make three air loops for lifting, knit three double crochets in the fifth loop from the edge, skip two loops of the base and, thus, knit 15 “shells”. Having reached the edge, again turn the work and knit the second row as follows: in each arch between the “shells” knit two single crochet columns, and above each “shell” - two air loops. It is necessary to knit, thus, alternating until 29 rows with "shells" are completed.

Then the handbag needs to be smoothed out and folded in half, leaving 6-7 cm of the top free. Sew both sides with bobbin thread and needle. Then you need to start the execution of the handle. It is necessary to dial four connecting loops from the top of the bag on one side and knit a handle of the required length, knitting four double crochets in each row. Sew the other end to the edge of the bag. In the center, at the same distance from each other, sew to the base of the handbag, closer to its upper part, two children's buttons in the shape of an apple. Arches in the pattern will serve as loops. All! The work is ready, now it can be presented as a gift and to please your young fashionista! You can safely take such a fashionable and stylish handbag with you to the beach, the park, the guests, and for a walk. She will go to absolutely any outfit.