Children's game "Learning colors"

The children's game "Learning Colors" is aimed at preschool children. It is aimed at the development of children's logic and memory. The name of the game indicates its essence. Six colored flowers are placed on the cardboard, the child needs to independently insert the middle of the flower of the same color.

To make it we need:

1. Cardboard (six different colors);

2. Scissors;

3. Marker;

4. Pencil;

5. Glue;

6. Six covers (we select the covers to match the color of the cardboard).

Instructions for making the game.

Step number 1. We make the basis of the game.

We need to take a thick cardboard so that it bends minimally and cut a rectangle of A4 format. Next, glue a white sheet onto this rectangle.

Why not just take the white cardboard?

Plain cardboard is very thin, and the base will wear out quickly or the child may tear it.

Step number 2. Making a flower pattern.

So that all the flowers in the game come out the same size, we need to cut out a template from cardboard. We circle this pattern with a pencil six times and we have six identical flowers.

Step number 3. Cut flowers.

Next, cut out the flowers and circle each with a dark marker, in order to highlight it.

Step number 4. Cut the middle in the flowers.

At this stage, we take the cap, put on the flower in the middle and circle it. A circled circle is cut out. We do this with all the flowers.

Step number 5. We fasten the flowers to the base.

Using glue, evenly fasten the flowers to the base (tablet).

Step number 6. We attach the middle to the caps.

We take glue for plastic and fasten the middle of the flowers to the covers (you need to take glue for plastic, since it will be bad for two different materials to bond together for paper).

Our game is ready. Your baby will definitely like it. Twenty minutes of time spent on its manufacture can not be compared with children's joy and gratitude. Have a good time!