How to make a full-fledged garden watering can from a canister in 2 minutes

Indoor, garden and garden plants need regular watering. Ideally, the introduced water during irrigation does not erode the soil, so for watering it is better to use a specialized watering can that divides the stream into several thin streams. Although this is an inexpensive inventory, it is not necessary to buy it, but can be done for free in a couple of minutes from a canister, which would still be thrown away.

Materials and tools:

  • canister with handle;

  • drill;

  • drill 2 mm.

The watering can will be made of a plastic canister with a handle. In such containers, they often sell milk, liquid laundry detergent and various household chemicals. The volume of the canister should be selected depending on the number of plants that will need to be watered so as not to make frequent refueling. Such containers are of different capacities from 1 liter. and more.

Making a can of watering can

In the lid of the canister, 10-20 holes are made with a 2 mm drill. In the absence of a drill, they can be burned with a hot nail. To do this, it is heated over a gas stove or an ordinary candle. In order not to burn yourself, the nail should be held with pliers. It is better to burn the cover in the open air, because smoke and the smell of burnt plastic are released.

So that when pouring water, the canister does not deform, and the liquid flows out quickly, air must prevent air from entering the watering can. To do this, in the handle at the neck you need to make one hole with the same drill or nail. After refueling, the watering can is ready for use.

The advantages of using a homemade watering can from a rigid canister with a handle over an ordinary PET container from soda are undeniable. Such a homemade product is much more spacious, it does not shrink when pouring, thanks to the handle it fits more comfortably in the hand, and water flows out of it in smooth jets without jerking.