Educational game "Zoo"

This article will tell you how to make an educational game, which will appeal to the smallest kids. How to play the "Zoo"? Before the baby, drawings of animals will be presented, and they will need to be decomposed into cells with names. Thus, it will be possible to study with the baby not only the names of animals but also the sounds that animals utter: woof, meow, oink ...

To make the game, we need the following materials:

1. Cardboard;

2. Paper;

3. Old magazines;

4. Markers or felt-tip pens;

5. The line;

6. Pencil;

7. Glue

8. Nine caps from plastic bottles.

We proceed to the manufacturing process itself.

Step number 1. We make the basis.

We take a thick cardboard (for this we can take a cardboard box) and cut a rectangle of A4 size out of it. After we glue a white sheet on it.

This stage is mandatory, since the base should not bend, otherwise it will quickly rumple, and will not have a presentable appearance.

Step number 2. We draw the base (tablet).

On our basis, draw a rectangle and divide it into nine even cells, select them with a marker. Then we number the cells and sign them.

Step number 3. Decorate the tablet.

We cut out various cartoon characters from old magazines and glue them outside the rectangle (cells).

Be sure to decorate the tablet, then it will be more interesting for the child to play in the "Zoo".

Step number 4. We draw and cut out the animals.

On white cardboard (you can take color) we draw the animals step by step as indicated in the example. After we cut them out.

Step number 5. We glue animals on the lids.

In order for the cardboard animals to keep their shape and it was convenient to take the baby in the handle, glue them to the plastic covers.

Our game is ready! Your kid will definitely appreciate this fun entertainment. Have a good time!