Copper synthesis

Each of us is trying to equip our coziness, especially when it comes to the house and your desire to do something with our own hands. Isn't it wonderful when you can surprise those around with your unique works and catch the enthusiastic looks of the guests? So, today we will look at how to make a flower of copper with LED backlighting and fluorite inside.

To get started, we will prepare all the necessary tools. We need: a soldering station (it is better than just a soldering iron in that it also contains a hairdryer, which is useful when heating and rolling sheets of copper), a copper sheet:

Flower template (you can draw it yourself, or find and print it on the Internet), an epoxy and a thickener for it, an LED, a small piece of fluorite stone, or another, if you do not want the “core” of the flower to glow inside, thanks to the LED, two wires, a little longer than a flower trunk, pliers and 1 CR2032 battery

Everything, we can begin. To get started, take a piece of copper 10 * 15 cm in size, heat it with a hairdryer or iron and roll it on a flat surface. This will be our stem. After that, we put 2 wires in the center of the sheet, with previously stripped edges (they will be soldered to the LED from one end and to the batteries from the other). Do not forget that the wires should be slightly longer than 10 cm. Take the rod from the handle or another long round object, warm the copper sheet again and roll the sheet into a tube. Our stalk is ready.

We proceed to inflorescences and leaves for the stem. We print out the sheets on paper and draw a contour from them on copper, warm the copper and cut it out.

We pick up a soldering iron, tin and solder the sheets to the trunk. Now prepare 3 or 4 (depending on the desired "fluffiness") sheet of copper, size 5 * 5. By analogy with the leaves, we circle the flower pattern on copper. Cut them out without cutting them to the end. We put our sheets one on top of another and while they are still flat, but already with a flower cut out, we pierce a hole through and through in the middle. You can break through anything, it’s not difficult.

Getting to the most interesting part. We take our stem with leaves, an inflorescence and a soldering iron. The wires that come out of the stem, we start through the hole in the inflorescence. Solder the inflorescence to the stem. We solder the LED to the wires in the inflorescence. Glue fluorite on the LED:

Now, by turning, we shape our inflorescence, giving the petals the desired look. We are now starting to make a stand for our flower. Take a glass or a stack and circle its outline on copper.

Cut. Now take the cut out copper tape, 1-1.5 cm wide along the length of the circle. We take hot melt adhesive or epoxy and glue the circle to the copper tape, warming with a hairdryer for a faster result. We break a hole in the middle of the circle and wind the wires from the stem into it. Solder the stand to the flower. We solder the battery to the wires and pour them into the stand with wax.


Good ideas and good mood!