Pumpkin Earrings

Almost every girl believes that there are not many jewelry. And not one girl can not resist the original and unique earrings. For the summer, you can make beautiful and bright Pumpkin earrings for yourself, which can decorate the summer outfit.

What do we need to make such earrings?

  • Polymer clay "Bebik" orange and green.

  • Silver chain.

  • A pair of clasps for earrings.

  • Carnations for jewelry.

  • Metal rings.

  • Pliers with a narrow nose for jewelry.

  • Polymer clay varnish.

  • A sharp long blade for plastic.

  • Board for polymer clay.

  • Toothpick.

First we prepare the workplace and put all the necessary tools next to it. We wipe the board and the rolling pin. Next, cut a little less than half a stick of orange polymer clay and knead it well with your hands. When the plastic has become soft enough, put it on the board and roll up a small sausage. We take the blade and cut the resulting sausage in half.

Now we roll a ball from each piece. If you see that one ball turned out a little more, then cut off a small piece from a large ball and add to a smaller one. So, align the two balls.

Further, with the help of a toothpick, we make strips on the ball so that the ball more closely resembles a future pumpkin. We also do with another ball.

We take two studs for jewelry and pierce the pumpkins in the middle. Now you can put the pumpkins on the table further and start making leaves.

For the manufacture of leaves we take green polymer clay, previously softened in the hands. We roll up a small ball and put it on a board for polymer clay. Then we cut it in half with a blade. From each half with our hands we form the shape of the leaf, then on the back of the blade or knife we ​​make strips on the leaf.

Now with a toothpick we pierce the leaf in its upper part. We put all the elements of the pumpkin on the foil and turn on the oven. Bake our pumpkins for about 10-15 minutes. But it’s better to get them out of the oven and make sure they are baked. You can touch them lightly, if they are baked, they will not crumble. We paint the baked pumpkins and leaves with varnish for polymer clay and wait until it dries. Now we take a chain and using pliers we separate two parts of five links. On a pumpkin, twist the cloves into rings and attach each pumpkin to the chain.

We put on the leaves a little ringlet and fasten them to the chain.

Now it remains to take the clasps for the earrings and attach them to each chain.

Here the earrings in the shape of pumpkins are ready.