How to replace elastic on shoe straps

How to save a budget and repair sandals in the home, in which the elastic is deformed on the straps?

It is not difficult to replace the elastic band on the straps.

To work, you will need:



elastic band of the desired color and size;

matching silk threads;


Before starting repairs, shoes should be washed and allowed to dry.

Using a ripper on the straps, unfasten the elastic band. Remove the old rubber from the buckles and cut off a new one (2 pieces) of the same length. Push the elastic into the buckles.

Use scissors to push the elastic to the desired length inside the strap.

Align both rubber bands at the same distance.

Sew the elastic in two threads. To do this, fasten the knot at the ends of the thread and put the needle on the front side of the strap. So that the factory seam does not tear apart, it must be secured with additional stitches. There are already holes on the skin from the factory seam, so sewing will be easy.

We sew a seam “forward needle” in one direction, fixing the factory seam on the other side of the strap, we return back.

Fix, hide and cut off the working thread.

It remains only to adjust the length of the strap.