Corrugated Paper Roses

Corrugated paper, as the name implies, is a compressed canvas that is easily stretched. For roses you will need Italian-made paper, as it differs from its Asian counterparts in its greater ability to stretch. If you still don’t find exactly the aforementioned corrugation, you can also take paper from Taiwan, though you must take into account that this paper holds worse after stretching.

For a rose you will need:

pink paper (if you settled on an Italian manufacturer, it was specifically in this master class that color code 569 was used);

thin green corrugated paper;

wire with a winding;

thin wire;

glue gun and rods to it (one rod is enough);

a small piece of foil (18 * 14 cm);

side cutters;

strong threads of any color;

as well as sharp scissors.

Put a little hot glue on one end of the wire, and then quickly wrap the place with foil, forming the core of the flower. Set aside.

Now you need to prepare future rose petals, for which cut out rectangles from paper the following sizes:

1pc - 5 * 6 cm;

5 pcs - 2.5 * 6 cm;

6 pcs - 3 * 6 cm;

7 pcs - 3.5 * 8 cm.

Please note: it is necessary to cut across the roll roll. Next, cut off the top corners and bottom as shown below:

All petals must be stretched. To do this, push the center with your thumbs, while at the same time slightly stretch the paper in opposite directions. Bend the edges slightly and twist.

The petals are ready, and you can begin to form a rose. It is advisable to see a photo of a living flower in front of you, then it is easier to understand its structure, which will allow you to arrange the petals as naturally as possible.

Having taken a wire with a foil, wrap it with the first petal, then fasten with a thread.

Now glue each petal one by one with a slight shift to the side, in the same order in which you cut them (from narrow to wide).

At the bottom of the head of the rose (immediately below the threads), you need to trim the corners:

It is time to make the sepals rose. To do this, taking green paper, cut a 10 * 6 cm rectangle from it, and then form the teeth. The ends of the teeth need to be twisted a little.

Wrap the sepals on the rose, securing it tightly under the petals with threads. Cut excess.

Next, cut two thin strips (1 cm high) of green corrugation. Then slowly, starting from the sepals, wrap the trunk of the future rose of one of the strips to the middle, but do not cut the end.

It remains to make leaves, for which cut them according to the pattern (only 12 pieces). It is also necessary to prepare one long and two shorter wires of smaller diameter.

Glue the two cut out halves of the sheet by inserting the wire between them in the center. It is necessary to make 3 such blanks, while the wire of one of them should be longer than the others.

Connect all the wires of 3 together and wrap each group with a green stripe. Fix the leaves on the trunk with glue. As you remember, the end of the uncut paper remained on the trunk, which now needs to be wrapped up the trunk to the very bottom. In the process of winding the ends of the wire with the leaves will be successfully hidden.

Everything, the rose is ready.

Make two more, and maybe a big bouquet. Each time you will get better and better!