Gentle Valentine in the shape of a heart

A gift made with love and even with one's own hands is always appreciated more than purchased in a store. In addition, any little thing made independently is different from others and has uniqueness. To make an unusual valentine from ribbons is quite easy, you just need to show imagination and spend half an hour of time. You can create a heart from satin ribbons in any style. The main thing is to choose the appropriate color of the tape and the corresponding decor elements. We suggest you make a valentine of delicate pink color, following our step-by-step photo instructions.

1. Materials and tools:

• Satin ribbon.

• Hot glue gun.

• Cardboard or heavy paper.

• A piece of lace.

• Beads.

• Organza ribbons.

• Pencil.

2. On a sheet of cardboard we draw a heart of the right size. In this master class, the size of the heart is 10 by 6 cm. We cut out such a heart from cardboard, its width is about 1.5 cm.

3. Glue the end of the tape as close to the recess as possible.

4. We begin to tightly wrap the entire blank with tape. In several places we drip glue for reliability. There will be plenty of four points of glue.

5. This is what a cardboard blank looks like, wrapped tightly in tape.

6. Glue a piece of lace and ribbon. In the center we fasten the beads. We make a loop of a thin ribbon of light pink color. Delicate valentine-heart is ready.