Handmade clock

How often from the TV screen, from the pages of magazines or online communities we are taught how to make something beautiful out of nothing. And we look at it with the enthusiasm of teenage girls and enjoy. Oh, if my hands grew from the right place, I would do something too. How often do you have such thoughts? Frankly, me constantly. But, the deep-rooted, well-established opinion that I can’t even hold the needle in my hands correctly sits in me very confidently and firmly. But probably every young lady like me had a moment when we said to ourselves: “It was, it wasn’t.” And they undertook to make something "such", in 90% of cases abandoning their pathetic attempts, not having had time to go a third of the way.

But this time I said to myself: “That's enough, you have to finish the job, no matter what it costs you.”

So, I remembered the hours dusting on a shelf in the pantry for a long time and decided to make a thing out of them that I will use.

One hundred years ago, some kind of "kind" person gave us this squalor, which, as you might have guessed, replenished the collection of unclaimed things.

An old blouse was removed from the bottomless cabinet, with beautiful material, but not suitable for a long time. There was a glue moment and a screwdriver.

The process has begun.

Using a screwdriver, I removed the creepy plastic casing from the watch, took out the glass and examined the dial, which had to be glued in some places.

Then, she cut a piece of fabric that was suitable in size from the blouse and cut a hole in it in the center. By the way, not to miss the size, it was possible only from the second attempt, since in the first, the material barely reached the rim. So from my own experience I can say that it’s better to cut more and then trim it already on the rim of the watch.

Then the laborious and most unpleasant moment began, it was necessary to glue the plastic cover over the material.

With the help of glue and someone's mother, I still managed to do it. True, I had to say goodbye to manicure and a couple of times to tear off fingers that stuck instead of fabric. But by trial and error, I guessed that it’s easier to use the old ballpoint pen, the back of which is very easy to glue the material. About my moaning, when I had to tear it off and redo it because the fabric was puffing, I won’t even tell.

And now the glue has dried, it was possible to reassemble the clock. Oddly enough, they looked very nice, but something was missing. And then I remembered the butterflies that “live” in my friend’s tasteless picture, making her very cool.

It is decided, I make a decor of butterflies.

I drew a template on paper and cut it out. Then, I found a salad cover, which I bought by weight a few days ago, and realized that this plastic would do one hundred percent. I moved the template to plastic and cut out two butterflies.

She bent at the places where the wings began, as the plastic was soft enough for this.

After I had to remember my childhood and start drawing. Old nail polishes came in handy, which turned out to be in abundance. On the front side, I applied the color base, red-orange.

I made the rim of the bow bronze, painted flashes of pale pink and gold, and put four dots in white on each butterfly.

The result pleased me, the butterflies gleamed, but were not elaborate or too colorful, which would be superfluous with a gray-blue fabric with a paisley pattern on the watch’s rim. I glued them to the clock in random order and began to enjoy the result.

Just two hours of work, a ruined manicure and skin torn from glue on the fingers. But the result exceeded all my expectations. A lovely watch with butterflies now hangs in my very central place. And strangely enough, after an hour I no longer thought about manicure and dried glue, but I often looked at the clock, since I really like them.