How easy it is to move heavy furniture alone

During general cleaning, redecorating, or simply rearranging an apartment, one often encounters the need to move heavy furniture: a cupboard, sideboard, sofa ... And not just move it, but also not scratch the floor, which is covered with linoleum, parquet, laminate, etc. e. Everyone who has at least once had to deal with such a thing knows how hard and painstaking this is.

Well, when there are enough strong working hands, and if only a couple, and even those women? Using a time-tested simple folk way to deal with sofas, wardrobes and chests of drawers will turn out almost alone.

Will need

This will require only a few raw medium or large potatoes, a kitchen knife, a cutting board and two wooden bars: one long, 60-70 centimeters (the heavier the furniture, the longer the lever should be), the second is short for support.

Of course, it is first necessary to remove all removable elements from movable furniture: drawers, shelves, dishes, if it is a cabinet. As a result, firstly, the furniture will be lightened, and secondly, the contents (especially fragile and beating) are guaranteed to remain safe and sound.

Trick: how to move heavy furniture with potatoes

The tubers should be thoroughly washed from the sand, otherwise if it gets on the floor when moving, then deep scratches may remain on the paintwork. Then the potatoes must be cut into mugs with a thickness of about 15 mm using a kitchen knife and cutting board. It is important that the potatoes be freshly cut and moist, otherwise they will not slide on the floor under the furniture.

We lift the structure with the help of previously prepared wooden blocks, using the lever rule (Archimedes law), or the strong hands of the assistants, and put round potato wedges under all the legs (supports) in turn.

One side.

Then on the other.

Moreover, the heavier the furniture, the more there should be support points with potato layers. In this case, in addition to the standard reference points (usually there are four), it is necessary to create additional ones. They can temporarily become, for example, wooden blocks suitable in height and cross-section, substituted for the power elements of the cabinet or sideboard. Naturally, potato mugs should also be placed under them.

As soon as all the preliminary work is completed, any heaviest item will be able to move without effort even with one hand without damaging the smooth floor. This is due to the effect of the starchy surface of the potato, significantly reducing sliding friction.

When the furniture has approximately risen to the new place allotted to it or returned to the previous place, you should carefully check its position and, if necessary, make adjustments by small movements, while the potato linings are still under the supports on the floor.

As soon as the furniture is finally installed, the structure is lifted using the lever of Archimedes or the strength of the hands of assistants, the potato mugs are removed, and the floor is cleaned from the whitish traces of starch with a damp cloth.

Work on moving heavy and bulky furniture has been successfully completed! At the same time, we did not have to exert excessive physical strain and worry about the safety of the floor covering.