Paper fish

These beautiful fish can become a decoration in a children's room if you hang them on strings from the ceiling or to a chandelier. Then they will wave from the slightest breath of the wind, as if floating in the waves. And also, having made several fish from multi-colored paper, you can teach your child a simple account. Despite such a large number of photographs, this craft is simple, and even a preschooler will cope with it. And mother can help him a little in this.

To make such a fish, you will need a square sheet of colored paper. Fold it in half diagonally.

Expand and diagonally connect the other two opposite corners.

Expand the sheet again, flip it to the other side and fold it in half horizontally.

Now fold vertically and unfold. You will get such a blank.

Grasp the opposite corners of the square and connect them together and with the bottom corner.

You will get such a folded square.

Fold the two lower sides toward the center.

Bend the top corner down.

Expand the edges of the square.

Open the formed "pocket" to a horizontal fold.

Wrap its edges inward along the marked lines.

You should get such a blank.

Bend the moving parts of the workpiece up.

Fold the sides of the figure in half.

Turn the “trident” figure down and bend the middle part as far as possible.

Return it to its original position and bend it to the right, combining the side and the horizontal bend.

Expand and align the left side with the new fold.

Bend the part to the same width on the right side.

With two fingers, grasp the corner of the workpiece and bend it up. This is part of the tail.

Turn the future fish to the other side so that the tail is on the left.

Bend the triangle in the middle from left to right.

Again, turn the craft from left to right on the other side and fold the figure in half vertically. Most of the rhombus will cover the tail, and a smaller part will become the head of the fish.

Connect the right corner of the rhombus to the left.

Connect the bottom of the moving part to the vertical fold.

Bend it and connect it with a new fold that has appeared.

Bend the top of this small part to the same width.

Grasp the corner with two fingers and bend it down. You got the second part of the tail.

Put together the two parts of the tail.

So the fish is ready. It remains only to draw a small eye for the fish and make it another girlfriend or a few.