Original and stylish beads

Hello dear needlewomen! Today I bring to your attention a master class on the production of such original and stylish beads. I have them made in amber-turquoise tones. You can choose the beads and those colors that you like best. Let's get started.

We will need:

• pliers

• side cutters

• pliers

• pins with eyelets on the end

• chain with large links

• carbine

• bijouterie rings for fastening with a diameter of 0.5 cm

• amber glass beads

• large curly beads in turquoise color

We put small glass beads on the pin and bend it with your hands.

Take the side cutters and cut off the pin, leaving about 1 cm.

Now we need to make exactly the same eyelet on the second end of the bead. To do this, grab the tip of the pin with pliers and bend it in the opposite direction. For example, if you bent the pin to the left with your hands, now with pliers you need to bend it to the right. It turns out a beautiful eyelet.

We will do the same with all the glass beads that we plan to use in work. These are the cheburashka we get.

Remember that at this stage you do not need to close our loops, leave them ajar, we will close them a little later.

Next, we thread the pins into our main beads and make rings in the same way. We do not close the rings. We show imagination, try a different combination of curly beads. For my beads, I chose this combination.

Now we need to assemble the disparate beads into a single whole. For me, this stage is the most interesting, because Now we already see how our product will turn out. If you decide to change the combination of beads, do it now, before it's too late.

So, with the help of loops, which we prudently left ajar, we easily assemble the product. All loops tightly closed with pliers.

Using the connecting ring we attach the bead, on which we focus. I have a diamond-shaped bead, the same color as the main curly beads. You can highlight it with a different color if you wish. Pass the connecting ring into the ears of two amber beads and a diamond-shaped bead. The ring is tightly closed.

We measure 3 segments of the chain. They do not have to be the same. On the contrary, let their length be slightly different. I have chains 6-7 cm long. We thread the connecting ring into the extreme links of the chains, until the ring is closed.

We thread our ring with strung chains into the free eye of a diamond-shaped bead. The ring is tightly closed.

We measure 2 more segments of the chain. Now it is desirable to make them the same. I have 8 cm lengths.

Using the connecting rings we attach the chains to the extreme amber beads.

All that remains for us is to fasten the clasp. I chose a carbine. We fasten it with a connecting ring to the extreme link of one of the chains.

The links in my chain are quite wide, so I can attach a carbine to any of them, thereby adjusting the length of the product.

Our beads are ready!