Do-it-yourself folding wheel chock for a car

They are also called brake shoes. They are needed for certain types of vehicle repairs, when lifting a car or trailer with a jack, and for keeping them on a slope.

Stops are sold in many stores and are a kind of monolith, which takes up a lot of space in the trunk. In order not to spend money and free up space for other items, folding brake shoes can be made.

Will need

Any adult can do this job, except welding ... To make a homemade wheel chock, we need the following materials and tools:

  • steel strip 65 mm wide and 5 mm thick;

  • patch loops - 2 units;

  • spray paint can;

  • pendulum saw;

  • semi-automatic arc welding, etc.

Brake shoe manufacturing process

Using a pendulum saw, we cut off sections of 2, 10, 20 and 30 cm long sequentially from a steel strip. We clean them with a grinding wheel, sandpaper or a grinder (which is available).

We weld vertically and across to the end of the longest segment, which in our homemade shoe will serve as the base or sole, the shortest is the limiter.

We rest against the inside of the limiter 10-centimeter strip at a certain angle. We lean against it with a strip of 20 cm so that behind it there remains a part of the base (“tongue”), sufficient to hit the wheel and hold the stop.

The transverse line of contact of the 20-cm strip and the base will be the location of the axis of rotation of the loop. We weld one of its half to the base, and the other to the 20-centimeter strip.

Then we also weld the second loop and, thus, articulate between the strips of 20 and 10 cm.

After making sure that the assembly is carried out correctly, we securely scald along the perimeter of the place where the loops fit to the strips. The quality of welding should be high, because each stop must withstand at least half the mass of the car.

We remove the scale from the seams, where it is necessary to strengthen, and we clean them. Once again we are convinced that the emphasis is normally folded and displayed without jamming and skewing.

It remains only from all sides to paint our homemade wheel chock in red, orange or yellow color from an aerosol spray can. This is required by the Rules of the Road (SDA).

We test the brake shoe in action. We install it in the working position behind the wheel and carefully turn it back. First, the wheel bumps into the “tongue” of the base and presses it to the road and only then abuts against the inclined stop element.

If all dimensions of the shoe correspond to the diameter and width of this wheel, then it is impossible to pull the shoe out from under it; for this it is necessary to move the machine forward.