For the master class - 150 rubles

Hello dear petitioners of the site. Our site needs your handicrafts, namely master classes. On average, we pay 150 rubles. per article, in general, the price varies from 100 - 500 rubles. Someone will say this a little, but I will answer that we buy only electronic material (text and photo), and the work remains with you. Each article is evaluated individually! If you dumped any trifle from 2 pieces of paper, then of course you will not get much for the craft, if at all. And if you put your soul in, and got confused not childishly, did it for yourself, then the reward will be appropriate. If you are not confident in your abilities, then first you can send 1 photo and the title of the article, and we will answer whether such a master class is needed or not.

We pay money to Webmoney, a mobile phone bill, or Sberbank card as an option.

Send all master classes to mail

Pack the photo in the archive, insert the photo numbers in the text and do not forget to give a name to your master class. Attach all this to the letter and send.

Everything affects the quality and, accordingly, the price: the amount of text (preferably from 2000 characters), and the quality of the photo, and the idea of ​​crafts, etc. For more details, see // html

Write your questions in the comments, people who have already repeatedly sent their crafts will answer you.

Sincerely, the site administrator.