How to grease a motokosa gear

How to lubricate the brushcutter gearbox? Many trimmer users do not attach importance to overheating of the mowing head reducer. And, of course, in the event of a breakdown, they immediately run to the repair shop. To save time and money on repairs, it is enough to lubricate the gearbox and forget about unnecessary expenses before the start of the season.

The gearbox is one of the most loaded parts in this device and quite often fails. Therefore, it definitely needs periodic maintenance.

Will need

For lubrication, you will need very few materials and tools:

  • Disposable 5-20 ml syringe.

  • Brand lubricant recommended by the manufacturer. As an exception, another type of "Litol 24", "CV Joint" or another type suitable for lubricating gearboxes is suitable.

  • Hex wrench.

Lubricate the trimmer gearbox yourself

On the side of the head there is a bolt that is specially designed for introducing lubricant into.

Unscrew it with a hex wrench.

We take a syringe, temporarily remove the piston from it. We put grease in the cylinder. Usually this amount is 5-10 grams (a more accurate amount is written in the manual for motokosa).

We install the piston into place and use a syringe to pump grease through the hole into the gearbox itself.

When the gearbox is full - tighten the bolt into place.

This completes the lubrication of the gearbox and your trimmer is ready for use.

Do not be lazy to spend a couple of minutes after buying a brushcutter and before the mowing season to lubricate this important unit. And your tool will always be ready to work at any time and will last for many, many years.