Is it possible to restore the battery for a screwdriver without taking it apart? My experience

There are quite a few examples on the Internet how you can restore a dead screwdriver battery without even opening it. I just have two batteries lying around that cannot be charged, even if they are charged all night.

The recovery method, which I will check, is suitable for batteries that are no longer charging with a standard device and for those that are fully charged, but their capacity is extremely small for continuous operation of a screwdriver.

The idea itself

The idea is to supply a briefly high current to the battery. After that, as the authors of such ideas promise, the battery almost always returns to work and lives for a long time.

Trying to charge my batteries:

The red-green indicator on the charger flashes - this means that the charger initiates a battery that is not fully suitable for charging. The voltage on it is almost zero.

This defect is observed on both of my batteries.

Well, let's try using the recovery method.

Will need

  • Powerful current source capable of delivering 50 A.

I will use a DC welding machine, like most of those who recommend this method.

My experience with NiCd battery recovery

So, I take the first battery.

I set the minimum current on the welding machine, in my case - 45 A. And I connect plus to plus, minus to minus.

All this for a couple of seconds. It’s okay if a spark jumps at the moment of connection.

You can repeat this procedure several times. Next, I insert it into the charger and try to charge it.

No miracle happened: the indicator also winks from red to green. I waited a little just in case - all the same, nothing has changed.

Okay, let's move on to the second battery. We will also pierce it with electric current for a short time.

But with the second battery there is already a result:

The indicator began to glow red, therefore charging started.


So what, the idea is working? Not really. The second battery, although it started to charge, but after 10-15 minutes it got a full charge, as the memory showed. as a result, a screwdriver could work a couple of minutes. In general, the battery capacity tends to zero.

The result is this: I can’t say that this method is 100% inoperative, but it did not help my batteries. Maybe they are too old ... Maybe for too long lay idle ....

In any case, be sure to try this method! It will not be worse, but suddenly you will be able to restore and bring your screwdriver back to life. If you have already used it, write your result in the comments.