Poultry meat in brine (for long-term storage)

Many poultry growing in household yards of private sector residents require processing after slaughter. Not everything fits in freezers, some have to be stored in banks. The meat pieces are sent to the stew, and the bones are rolled into cylinders or smaller cans directly with the broth. I offer a recipe, following which it is possible to save pieces of poultry up to 1 year.

We will need:

  • - frames, keels, necks and wings of broilers;

  • - 4.5 liters of water;

  • - 0.5 liters of salt.

The whole process is quite simple:

1. We chop broilers, fatten, pull out the insides, not forgetting to cut the wen over the tail of the bird.

2. Thoroughly rinse the whole carcass, divide into pieces.

3. We lay out the meat in two containers: on the stew and for boiling in brine.

4. We sterilize the jars, boil the lids.

5. Pour water and salt into a 7-liter pan, wait until it boils.

6. Lay the pieces and boil for 20 minutes.

7. At the bottom of the can, we drop bay leaf and pepper.

8. Put the meat caught from the brine into the jars, add broth from the pan to the top.

9. Roll up the lid with a special machine.

Important! If there is too much broth in the pan after laying the meat, then you can take it away with a cup. It will come in handy later, when the brine becomes very small. Thus, we process all the pieces of the bird that are not suitable for the preparation of stew. Try to chop parts of the frame and keel finely so that they easily pass into the neck of the can. When it comes time to cook dishes from prepared meat, you will need to salt soup or borsch at the very end. When boiling the pieces in a pan, salt will be exchanged. Water will become salted, and meat will be almost fresh.