6 useful screwdriver tips that few people know about

Drill and screwdriver when using different accessories can be turned into a universal tool that can be used to perform very unusual tasks. Consider 6 nozzles, which so far few use.

1. Magnetic bit attachment for holding screws

When working with a screwdriver, you often have to hold self-tapping screws so that they do not fall off the bit. Having a magnetic nozzle, you can handle the screws with one hand.

A small magnet keeps the screws on the bit, so they do not fall even when shaken.

2. Nozzle for stripping insulation of conductors and twisting wires

The connection of the wire conductors manually requires first to expose them from insulation, and then twist them, which takes several minutes. Using a special screwdriver attachment allows you to do this in seconds.

The tool breaks the insulation from the cores and tightly twists them in regular turns. At one time, she is able to connect together a bundle of wires.

3. Tap nozzle

By installing a tap in a screwdriver, you can thread a piece of soft metal in a couple of seconds. In order for the tool to last longer, and the thread turns out to be of better quality, the tap must be lubricated before each run. With all its merits, the tap rotated by a screwdriver is unsuitable for machining steel parts.

4. Universal key for any hardware

The universal nozzle allows you to rotate nuts, screws and bolts of any shape except round. It looks like an ordinary head, but with internal spring-loaded inserts in the form of thin rods.

Upon contact with the hardware, they are pressed along the contour of the mount, after which the key takes the necessary shape. Just one such tool can replace a set of ratchet heads. It will be indispensable when working with non-standard hardware.

5. Tool for chamfering on rods and tubes

This nozzle has a similar design with a pencil sharpener. It is used for chamfering on rods and other metal products with a circular cross section. This is useful if you need to fix the end of a trimmed bolt or stud with a damaged thread.

The nozzle is capable of processing workpieces of different diameters.

6. Drill sharpener with jig for various drills

Such equipment allows you to sharpen drills for metal at the right angle. It consists of a guide jig and an abrasive that rotates while sharpening.

Where can I buy?

All these nozzles can be bought on ALI EXPRESS, here are the links:

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  • Tool for chamfering on rods and tubes. (//ali.pub/3eggbw)

  • Universal key for any hardware. (//ali.pub/3egghc)

  • Nozzle tap. (//ali.pub/3eggkn)

  • Nozzle for stripping insulation of wires and twisting wires. (//ali.pub/3eggnr)

  • Magnetic bit attachment for holding screws. (//ali.pub/3eggts)