Fancy soap

Handmade soap has long been included in the circle of familiar purchases of modern people. It is known that soap made from quality ingredients does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which is harmful to the body, rich in valuable oils and does not dry the skin. But few know that the home soap making process is not only extremely simple and accessible even to a schoolboy, but also extremely exciting!

With the help of this master class, we will try to prepare an interesting soap in the form of a cake with the aroma of chocolate chip cookies.

You will need:

1.150 gr. finished soap base;

2.1 tsp base oil;

3. food coloring;

4. cosmetic fragrances;

5. silicone molds for soap or baking;

To begin, cut the soap base into cubes and put in a refractory container.

Then we melt it in a water bath to a liquid state, it is not necessary to boil. You can melt the soap base in the microwave. When the desired consistency is achieved, pour the base into a mug, glass or other convenient utensil.

First of all, add a teaspoon of oil base to the base. Coconut oil is used in our lesson. It will make our soap softer.

Then drop by drop - brown food coloring to obtain the desired shade. It is important to use only safe ingredients, because we want to get natural healthy soap.

After adding flavoring or food flavoring.

Finally, fill the future soap in the mold.

A novice soap-maker rarely succeeds in accurately calculating the amount of base for a particular form. Therefore, it is often a little more than necessary. Keep small tins on hand in order to fill them with the remnants of the base, if necessary.

In our case, you can add oat crumbs to the remnants of the soap base for a light peeling effect.

If bubbles have formed on the surface, they can be easily removed with alcohol or perfume.

Forms for soap are plastic and silicone. A clear advantage was given to the form of silicone. The main advantages of such forms:

Withstand high temperatures, do not deform;

Ready soap is convenient to remove. When using plastic, it is often possible to spoil the mold by pouring too hot a base into it. It happens that the finished soap does not want to be removed from the mold. Such things can confound the novice in this business. But experienced soap makers have learned to avoid unpleasant situations of this kind, and successfully use forms of both types. So, the soap base in the mold solidified for 1 hour. To speed up the curing process, you can place the molds in the refrigerator. Now with a nimble hand movement, we extract the soap by simply twisting the mold. We do the same with a small toffee tin.

Thus, having spent 1 hour of time and very little financial resources, we got two pieces of wonderful home soap. And if you pack it beautifully in a box or bag, you will get a wonderful spiritual gift for any occasion.