Basket with flowers from kapron

Kapron flowers are a wonderful gift for any occasion. Using this technique, you can make an original hair clip, boutonniere, a small bouquet as a souvenir. In order to build a similar mini-bouquet, you will need:

- multi-colored nylon;

- wire 26 ";

- skewer for skewers;

- spool of thread;

- a template for making flowers from kapron No. 3;

- a piece of napkin;

- tape tape;

- scissors.


1. First you need to make the basics for the petals. To do this, wrap the wire around the template, fix it by twisting it. It is superfluous to cut off with scissors or small special round-nose pliers. We need 6 pieces of such blanks.

2. Next, each blank should be wrapped in a capron, fixed with a thread, wrapping it several times around the wire. For greater strength, you can make a couple of loops. It is best to use special nylon threads - they fix better, but if there are none at hand, then ordinary ones will do. It is not necessary to wind much, 4-5 turns are quite enough. Carefully cut off the remaining nylon (here it is better to use sharp manicure scissors). The petal is ready.

3. To make the middle of the flower, you can use a piece of any napkin, cotton wool. In this embodiment, the core is proposed to be made from a piece of wet (pre-dried) wipes. Roll a piece of the right size into a ball, wrap it in yellow nylon (or orange) in the same way as the petals, and fix with a thread. Best of all, for the brightness of the middle, repeat this manipulation 2-3 times. Excess nylon also trimmed.

4. Now you should connect the core of the flower with a skewer for kebab. To do this, put the middle to the edge of the skewer and fix it with a thread. So that the middle does not move anywhere, already at this stage you can use a piece of tape tape, which helps to better hold together the entire structure due to its adhesive properties.

5. Proceed to join the petals. They, like the core, attach themselves to the skewer for its base. In order for the flower to turn out to be magnificent, they need to be attached a little bit with an overlap, slightly overlapping each other. You should try to attach them on the same line, because otherwise it would be ugly to iron out the threads from under the petals. In order to make it more convenient to attach the petals, they should be pulled out a little.

6. The flower is almost ready, it remains only to form its base. Again, the tape tape is used - those places where the petals were connected to the skewer should be decorated with its help. Just the same will come out sepals, from which the flower originates. Next, we continue to wrap the skewer with tape tape to the end, or to the place that is necessary in length (the rest of the skewer can be cut off).

7. The flower is ready. Petals can be given the desired shape by slightly bending the wire with your fingers. It remains to make some of these flowers to put them in a basket.