Wooden table with wall mount

Today I will show how to make a simple table from several boards and attach it to the wall. All that we need, as usual lying around underfoot without work.


  • Edged board.

  • Timber.

  • Metallic profile.

  • Self-tapping screws.

  • Bolts or screws with nuts.

  • Stain and varnish.


  • Electric planer (you can also ordinary).

  • Rotary hammer and drill.

  • Screwdriver or screwdriver.

  • Sandpaper or angle grinder with a petal circle (grinder).

Countertop Making

To start, let's make the table itself. We will make it from three boards 90 cm long, 15-17 cm wide and 20 mm thick. I chose these sizes, based on the dimensions of my kitchen, of course, any table can be made. I found two pine and one aspen boards.

I sawed everything to a length of 90 cm and planed it with an electric planer. The ends must be adjusted to each other so that there are no large gaps. We use the grandfather method for this. We fix two boards on a workbench, leaving a small distance between them. We insert a rail into it - I took plywood - and we press a pencil to it and we carry it along its entire length. In this case, the rail should move along one board, and leave the pencil at risk on another. Further along this line we plan the board and get tightly pressed boards.

Here, however, my curvature was manifested and small gaps still remained. It is better to use a manual planer. Well, okay. After the planer, walk through the front side of the table with sandpaper, for speed, you can take a grinder with a petal disk.

We cut out two small sticks and pull together all three boards with them. I sawed off the edges at an angle of 45 degrees. With a table width of 60 cm, I sawed about 50 cm of timber so that they would not interfere with my legs.

I retreated 30 cm from each edge and fastened the boards to the boards on black self-tapping screws, two on the board. They must be set on a square.

With a table longer than one meter, it is worthwhile to screw small rails along the very edges so that the boards do not “float”.

The countertop itself is already ready, it remains only to paint and varnish. I painted Mocha with stain and coated it with ordinary colorless varnish on wood. As the varnish dries, it is worthwhile to lightly pass with fine emery paper, from four hundred (zero).

Wall mount

For mounting, we will make two corners of a metal profile.

In the profile, we make three holes for attaching to the wall and two for attaching the table. And also for the third support, we will deliver it later.

We drill a wall, for this we need a perforator, but I managed to drill a silicate brick with an ordinary drill with a drill on concrete. Drill carefully and shake the dust out of the hole. The diameter should be about 10-12 mm, and the length about 9-10 cm.

We drive in wooden dowels, plastic ones are not worth it - they can not stand it. And fasten on black screws with a length of at least 70 mm.

After that, you can screw the third backup. This is how it looks:

Both corners must be leveled during installation. They should be at the same distance from each other as the bars of the table.

It remains only to screw the countertop into the corners on all the same screws.

This completes the manufacture of the table. It looks natural and atmospheric, and of course it is very strong and reliable. He withstood more than one will punched him!