Heel crack remedy

Surely I'm not the only person in the world who periodically encounters such a problem as the formation of rough dry growths and cracks in the heels, as well as the feeling of an unpleasant itching between the toes. And this, admittedly, delivers a lot of annoying moments, starting with disgusting looking feet and forever clinging and tearing nylon tights and socks to painful sensations and discomfort. But cracks can still be an excellent refuge for various infections with their subsequent development. And I, as a person who does not tolerate any inconvenience or discomfort, kept stopping by in pharmacies with the goal of acquiring some means of getting rid of this evil adversity. A few years ago, my beloved aunt, visiting us once again, shared her “recipe” for dealing with cracks in the heels.

Since then, I do not recognize other ways to eliminate this trouble. Therefore, I hasten to share it with everyone who is familiar with this problem firsthand, and I really hope that it will certainly help.

To prepare a remedy for cracks in the heels, you only need three inexpensive components, two of which are easy to find in a pharmacy, and the third in any grocery store. Namely:

• alcohol (formic, salicylic or boric acid, in short, any medical, but not technical) - 50 ml .;

• glycerin - 25 ml .;

• acetic acid - 50 ml.

No special effort is required to prepare the medicine. You just need to find a container (glass or plastic) with a volume of at least 150 ml. and merge all three components into it. The crack remedy is ready.

Now about how I use the resulting fluid:

In the evening before going to bed while taking a shower or bath, I already thoroughly soap the steamed feet with soap and soap and use pumice to clean off dead skin on my heels. Then immediately after the "water procedures" I thoroughly wipe my feet with a towel (preferably dry) and, comfortably sitting on a stool or couch, using a cotton pad moistened with plenty of solution, completely lubricate the feet.

About five minutes I continue to sit still waiting until the product is absorbed. When there is no time or desire to sit, I put on slates (the main thing is that this shoe is not made of fabric, otherwise everything will be absorbed into it). That's all wisdom. Already on the third day of using this product (and without daily pumice treatment), the cracks disappear, and my heels become soft again.

When using this tool, of course, it is necessary to observe some precautions:

• store as far as possible from children's eyes and the ubiquitous hands;

• do not use the product if there are obvious wounds on the feet and heels (so as not to jump from wild burning);

• Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after the procedure, and it is best to wear it with rubber gloves;

• in case of accidental contact with the face, rinse immediately with cool water, since acetic acid is a pretty serious thing and the consequences can be serious.

By the way, this tool helps to eliminate not only cracks in the heels, but also some varieties of fungal diseases. And I also noticed that after using it, the legs began to sweat less - also not an unpleasant fact. Here it is a miracle cure.

Be careful and take care of your legs!