What to make from the remnants of soap?

Soap is rarely used completely. When a small piece remains, people prefer to buy a new bar. After all, remnant is inconvenient to use. But throwing it away is a pity, so a few old pieces can accumulate at home. From such crumbs it is quite possible to make a full-fledged piece of a new soap.

What to make soap from?

Home soap making is a useful hobby. Usually you have to buy a soap base in specialized stores, but this recipe is based only on remnants and your own imagination. Mandatory ingredients are:

  • 1 glass filled with remnants;

  • water;

  • 1 tablespoon of any vegetable oil;

  • flavors optional.

This recipe is based solely on improvised tools, so as a flavoring you can use what is in the house. For example, the zest of an orange or lemon will give the corresponding aroma, and oatmeal will make the bar look like a cosmetic product with a mild cleansing effect. You can also use food colors, honey, essential oils and many other ingredients at will.

How to cook soap?

Before proceeding to the active phase of soap making, it is necessary to prepare remnants. Collecting 1 glass filled with remnants is not easy, it takes a lot of time. And the pieces begin to age and dry out. Therefore, initially it is worth pouring them with water so that it covers the remnants. But not more. In this state, you need to leave the “soap base” for a day.

During the day of being in the liquid, the remnants will become soft and partially dissolve in water. The pot with this substance must be put on a small fire.

The mixture should be constantly stirred, because the remnants can simply burn. Although this will not affect the very ability to make soap, it’s almost impossible to remove the smell of burning. On fire, keep the pan until the mixture boils.

Add fragrances already after the pieces of soap turn into a homogeneous soap base. After boiling, remove the pan from the heat and add oil, as well as other ingredients as you wish.

While the mixture is hot, everything is mixed until smooth.

Reference! It is not scary if in the soap mixture not all pieces of soap dissolve completely. Small lumps of soap will not affect the texture of the finished bar.

At the last stage, the soap mixture is poured into molds.

It can be cupcake or cookie molds, foil or cardboard boxes made by hand, as well as specially purchased molds.

After a few hours, the soap will harden at room temperature. If there was no suitable shape, then an interesting figure can be cut out of the finished bar using an ordinary knife. And collect the leftovers to use for the new soap making cycle.