How to make an effective trap for wasps from a plastic bottle

The hornet's nest at home is a real danger to people and pets. Wasps zealously protect him and are ready to attack anyone who approaches the nest. Their bites are quite painful and often cause an allergic reaction. They can carry pathogens of intestinal infections, destroy fruits, etc. The following describes how to remove wasps without exposing themselves, pets and beneficial insects to danger.

Will need

The idea is based on the use of a simple but effective trap that everyone can easily make using completely accessible and harmless materials, substances and tools:

  • an empty plastic bottle with a volume of at least two liters;

  • wine, preferably red;

  • a bottle of clean or soda water;

  • a little dishwashing liquid;

  • kitchen knife or household scissors.

The process of manufacturing and using traps for wasps

Even a student can make a planned trap.

1. Using a sharp knife or scissors, cut off the top of the plastic bottle in a circle at the place where it begins to turn into a cylindrical shape (about 1/3 of the container in height).

2. Pour red wine into a large part of the bottle to about 15 mm from the bottom and add another two or three drops of dishwashing liquid to enhance the smell of the bait.

3. Turn the neck over 180 degrees and insert it into the base of most of the bottle in its upper part. It will serve as a funnel through which wasps will penetrate the bottle, but will no longer be able to get out of it. Before inserting the neck into the bottle, remove the cap from it and fix it to the base with a transparent tape.

4. Place the finished trap near the wasp nests and observe how it works. If the result does not suit us, then the home-made device must be rearranged in another place until the effect appears in the form of wasp individuals regularly falling into the trap.

5. As the trap is filled with dead wasps, they must be removed from there, the device must be rinsed, disinfected and, once refueled, placed in the places where wasps appear. The bodies of dead insects should be disposed of, for example, buried in the ground, otherwise their smell will attract more new wasps from the area closest to the house.

6. The fight against the hornet’s nest can be considered finished when the hornet’s uterus, which is larger in comparison with other wasps, is detected and destroyed.

On a note

Honey should not be used as bait, since it will attract in large quantities not bees, but bees. The "diet" in the trap depends on the season. In spring and early summer, wasps are better attracted by the remains of meat products diluted with water, and at the end of summer and autumn, everything is sweet (sugar syrup with lemon juice, crushed fruits and berries, etc.).