Blue gum

Ribbons are a great material for creativity. With this affordable tool you can create an endless number of colors. I want to introduce you to how to make volumetric flowers from blue and white combinations. Such flowers are suitable for school uniforms, and they can also decorate a jacket or dress.

For creativity, you will need several tools and ribbons:

1. Prepare two cuts of a wide ribbon (5 cm) in dark blue and white.

2. You will also need a burner, with this tool children usually burn drawings on a tree.

3. Be sure to purchase glue. I know only two suitable ones - it is Crystal Moment and hot glue, i.e. gun with rods.

4. You will need a base to which you will attach the flower. Prepare a gum or a brooch of your choice.

5. You also need a beautiful middle of rhinestones, you can glue and a button or bead.

When everything is prepared, you can begin to work. We start with the simplest - cut the ribbon into squares.

Now fold the workpiece into a triangle

At the blue triangle, we bend the right edge to the base.

Now bend the second side of the triangle so that we get a rhombus

Gently bend the work out and immediately fix the ruler to the glass and draw a line with a hot burner along the very edge of the bottom. Here is what should happen.

Turn the work over and pour a drop of glue into the pocket of the petal.

Immediately squeeze and twist the petal. Create 8 + 5 blue petals and 6 white.

Now apply a couple of drops of glue to the back of the petal.

We fix the petal on a pre-cut circle, its diameter is about 4 cm.

Glue the first 8 blue petals tightly. Having retreated 3 mm inward, we create the second row of white petals. The central third row consists of 5 dark blue petals.

We decorate the middle with contrasting rhinestones, white look great, and blue will do.

Turn the work over and stick the brooch or elastic for the hair. You can also sew these flowers on any clothes, the main thing is to observe color harmony.