Keychain "Clownfish

Once I decided to make a fish that could decorate the interior and be fun for my favorite.

We will need: 2 buttons that look like an eye with a diameter of 1 cm, 13 pieces of raspberry cord 1.5 m in diameter and 1.5 mm, and 4 pieces of 40 cm, white cord 2.5 m long with a diameter of 1.5 mm.

1. We take a raspberry cord and hang 6 cords on the right and left, we bend the ends of the cord to the sides:

2. We fix the center with a needle and form a diagonal knot, stringing double knots on the central thread:

Here's what happened:

3. Then we turn over and start weaving the diagonal knot on the other side:

Here's what happened:

4. We form two more rows on the right and on the left:

5. String the button-eye of our fish:

6. And weave to the end 3 more rows:

7. Then we form the diagonal knots by hanging double knots on the extreme threads on the right and left:

The image of a fish face begins to emerge:

8. In the same way, we form the muzzle on the other hand:

9. Now double the white cord and hang it in the center of the fish face. Then we take the white cord on the left and tie it with a double knot around the raspberry cord and pass along the entire left side:

10. Then in the same way we walk along the right side and tie the ends of the knots together:

11.Now we will tie a double knot with a raspberry cord on the white cord on the left:

12. And so we go along the entire left side and then along the right:

13. Now tie the ends of the white cord together:

14. Thus, we form two more rows:

15. The time has come to form fins. For the lower fin, take two 40 cm pieces of a raspberry cord and hang them under the abdomen. We do the same from above.

16.Around the second thread (marked in yellow), wrap the first knot with a double knot (marked in green):

17.Then around the third thread (marked in blue), we knot the first (marked in green) and the second (marked in yellow) with a double knot, respectively.

18. We wind the first, second and third threads on the fourth thread and get the lower fin, the ends of which are cut off:

And float on the candle:

19. For the upper fin, we involve two strands from the body of the fish, six strands are obtained, and similarly we form the upper fin. The difference is that the growth of the lower fin went from the abdomen to the head, in the upper fin the opposite is true:

20. Similarly, we trim and melt the upper fin:

21. Weave a white row and select two threads

We then weave a raspberry and white row and select four threads from the body of the fish:

22. Similarly to the first lower fin, we form the second, but on six threads. Here's what happened:

23. Weave raspberry-white-raspberry-half-raspberry / half-white rows. Then, to form a narrow tail, we go to the trick: we tie a double knot around the next two cords with a raspberry cord (like white). And so three rows.

24. Separate the threads to form the tail fin: 10 threads on the right, 10 threads on the left. The ten threads on the right are divided into five on the top and five on the bottom.

25. From the center of the tail on the right on five threads on top we form a fin: we tie one, then two, three, four knots similar to the first fin. Then also from below. Then on the left side, similarly to the right:

26. We connect the threads together:

27. Cut the ends of the threads:

28. And we swim them, and voila, our fish is ready!