Funny origami snail

Dear site visitors, in this article I can teach you how to make a funny origami snail. It is not difficult to make it, but origami schemes are often incomprehensibly described: if you do not understand one move and miss it, then the figure will turn out not as it should.

I will try to make the text as clear as possible.

An origami snail is easy to make. Take everything we need for this:

1. A4 sheet of paper (you can take white, yellow, pink or brown);

2. A piece of white and black colored paper;

3. Scissors, glue, pencil.

We cut out an even square from a pink sheet of paper and fold it diagonally.

Then bend the resulting triangle in half:

From the left side of the resulting figure, we take a fold and take it to the center, after which we open it, and, pressing the tip to the top, form a square:

Turn the figure over (the figure at the back will look like this):

And now more attentively: we must make a double rhombus from our figure. We bend to ourselves the right side of our figure (the one with the longest side) and open it, expand it on the sides, as it is captured in the photo:

Now we press:

Without turning the figures over, we make bookmarks: we bend two sides to the center so that they evenly touch the diagonal.

Then fold down the upper side:

Having made these three bookmarks, we return all three folded sides to their original position and raise the wide lower side to the cross-fold line:

Now bend its side edges to the center and press them to the figure:

After that, we should expand our figure and do the same with its reverse side (that is, also first make three bookmarks, then open and press the lower one to the upper side, and then fold the side edges).

Here is a photo of the resulting craft:

Now bend just below the middle two lines, as shown in the following photo. These bends are needed in order to form the head and tail of our future origami snail:

We bend both lower ends of the figure up:

On the left will be the head of the cochlea, and on the right is its tail.

Now we lower one of the “wings” down, and then bend it in half upward, approximately in the area adjacent to the base of the tail (but try so that the tip of the “wing” is right next to the top):

Fold this tip in half downward from the outside:

Next, we should lower the resulting fold of the “wing” down and hide it inside the craft (forming a shell):

Now you need to flip the origami craft. With the second “wing” you need to do the same as with the first: lower it, then bend it in half up, then fold it in half down and remove the resulting fold inward.

Now we should have an almost finished model. We need to cut the upper corner of the head a little bit - we will get antennae.

All that’s left is the last detail: we glue the origami tag in a spiral of colored paper onto the shell and eyes. Eyes can also be glued to the "antennae", like Harry’s from the animated film about Spanchbob, or to the neck, as in the original sample.

Here is a sample of a snail with eyes on the antennae:

Now we give a sample with eyes on the "neck":

Our funny origami snail is ready! She can amuse children, or just create a cosiness at home and become a good decoration.

Sincerely, Vorobyov Dinara.