How to cut potatoes into a spiral with a regular knife

Incredibly tasty and amazing side dish can be made from ordinary potatoes. Please your household with an interesting addition to the table. An appetizing, roasted spiral will definitely decorate any holiday table. The preparation of this dish is incredibly simple and fast.

We show a simple way, how to cut potato tuber into a spiral without using any wise devices using an ordinary kitchen knife.

Sliced ​​in this way it can be cooked in the oven, on the grill, on the grill, etc. In any case, you get a great dish.

Will need

  • Medium size potato (although large is also suitable) 1-5 pcs.

  • Wooden skewers (can be bought at almost any department store).

  • A sharp knife (I do not recommend taking it too small - it will not be very convenient).

Cut the potatoes into a spiral with an ordinary kitchen knife

Wash the potatoes well. To clean or not to peel it is your business, but it seems to me it will be more tasty with the peel.

Next, we plant the potatoes in the middle of the skewer.

First, at an angle, put the knife at the beginning of the tuber. He rests on a skewer.

Without changing the angle of the knife, we begin to turn the potatoes.

We continue to twist the tuber until the whole vegetable is cut completely. The main thing is not to rush.

Chopped potatoes.

Spread on both sides.

Spread on a baking sheet. Here, by the way, if desired, the skewers can be pulled out - the spiral should not fall apart.

Sprinkle the spirals with sunflower oil. Salt, pepper, add spices - all at will.

We put in a preheated oven (200-220 degrees).

Cooking time 10-15 minutes (as a golden crust appears).

Spiral potato serving option

Just look: how delicious it is!

Drooling from such beauty. Feel free to cook and eat. Bon Appetit!