Cooking Fried Cucumbers

Cucumbers are salted, fermented, pickled, and most often eat fresh just like that or in salads. But such exotic things as fried cucumbers can be tasted only when traveling in eastern countries. And even if someone happened to taste this unusual dish, they are certainly trying to repeat the recipe. And to do this is very simple, everything is clear from the name. You just need to fry the cucumbers, following a few rules. So today on the table will be spicy, aromatic and unusual fried cucumbers. If you want to surprise your guests or family, it’s better to just come up with it. Be sure to try it.


  • fresh cucumber 3 pcs.

  • soy sauce 3 tbsp

  • vegetable oil 3 tbsp

  • sesame seeds white and black seeds 1 tsp

  • corn starch 1 tbsp

  • salt 0.25 tsp

  • garlic 1-2 tooth.

  • dill 2-3 branches.

The order of preparation of fried cucumbers

Prepare everything you need. Cucumbers should be chosen young, without a pronounced core. Cut them into rather thick straws, divide them into 8 parts. Fold in a bowl and sprinkle with salt.

Stir and leave for half an hour. During this time, quite a lot of liquid will be released from the cucumbers. It needs to be drained, and the pieces themselves washed with running water and dried with a towel.

Return to bowl and add corn starch.

Stir so that everything is coated more or less evenly.

Heat a vegetable oil in a spacious skillet. Lay out the cucumbers. They should be located freely.

Fry over high heat, stirring occasionally by tossing, until golden brown on slices.

Put chopped garlic, hot ketchup, chopped dill.

Hold on the stove for a minute, add sesame seeds, pour in soy sauce. Stir quickly.

Fried cucumbers are ready to serve immediately, in addition to offer spicy tomato or soy sauce.