Simple and very functional PVC pipe organizer

Hello! Today I want to tell and show one wonderful homemade product made of plastic pipes and sewer plugs.

I decided to clean up my balcony and make a small workplace. It was necessary to somehow arrange the numerous screws and screws. I decided to make such an organizer.

Will need

In a hardware store bought:

  • corners.

  • stubs.

  • supports for polypropylene pipes.

  • sewer plugs 100 mm.

  • PP pipe.

Making an organizer for small items

We trim the side of the stub (optional item, you can leave it as it is).

We clean the edges with sandpaper.

We take a cap and drill a hole for the bolt. It is very convenient to drill in the footsteps of the tides.

We fix the supports to the plugs. Used M4 screws and locknuts. Holds tight enough.

We assemble the base for the organizer from a polypropylene pipe.

We fasten the plugs to the wall and fasten the base to them.

The organizer is ready to go.

The plug can be divided by a partition and increase the number of storage spaces.

You can sign the contents of the containers. So the search will become much easier.

And in the end, this turned out to be such a very simple and no less useful homemade product for a workshop or garage.

Everything is convenient, functional and very reliable.