Creative denim herringbone

In anticipation of the Christmas holidays, many buy Christmas decorations in stores, boutiques, markets and trading houses. But if you are bored of the monotony of the goods presented, then I suggest you save a little personal money, and make something original, unique, with your own hands. The item that is perfect for your New Year's interior, or will be a wonderful, extraordinary souvenir for friends, relatives and acquaintances for the upcoming New Year 2015.

Considering the Christmas decorations, photos in the interiors of the houses, one can note their diversity, but the main emphasis is always placed on the holiday tree, because it carries the unique spirit of the New Year mood. We will try and we ourselves in the role of designers, we will create a bright, original decorative Christmas tree made of denim. To create a creative Christmas tree, you need an hour of your free time and your imagination.

Materials needed to create a Christmas tree made of denim:

1. Thick white paper (cardboard) -1 sheet.

2. Glue or tape.

3. Scissors for cutting.

4. The line.

5. Tailor needles.

6. Denim (two types, light and dark).

7. Threads.

So, how to make a Christmas tree, we will consider in stages:

1. We take a sheet of cardboard in A4 format. We twist it into a cone and this will be the basis for our Christmas tree.

2. Fasten the edges with tape or glue on the glue (I have tape).

3. Cut the bottom so that it is even.

4. Cut 5 strips of denim. I got 2 dark and 3 light strips 6 cm wide each. After we sew the fabric, so that a shuttle would form.

5. String the resulting blank on a paper cone and fix with needles.

6. Continue to the end of the Christmas tree, combining colors. At the top we attach a denim square.

7. Our Christmas tree is almost ready, it remains to decorate.

8. Decorate with toys (tailor needles).

Here is our beauty.