How to sharpen knives of a hair clipper

Ideally, the blades should be sharpened after each use, but this is usually done when painful sensations appear when cutting - a consequence of the fact that the blades are dull and do not cut the hair, but pull it out.

Will need

For high-quality sharpening of knives, you need to be patient, be precise and prepare the necessary accessories:

  • glass of sufficient size or a mirror as a base;

  • waterproof sandpaper with grit P 600 and P 2000;

  • a small cylindrical magnet;

  • water source;

  • paper or soft cloth;

  • special grease (you can use silicone).

The process of sharpening a clipper

To put in order dull knives should be pulled out of the machine and thoroughly cleaned with a paper or cloth napkin from grease residues, dust of hair fines. Now they are fully prepared for the grinding process.

1. We lay ordinary or organic glass of sufficient rigidity on a horizontal surface.

2. On a glass surface we put a sheet of sandpaper with a grain of P 600, which is quite enough for medium-worn blades.

3. Wet (pour) on the surface of the sandpaper a little clean water, which is necessary for the formation of a water-abrasive slurry, which provides mainly grinding.

4. Then we begin, slightly pressing, to move the knife with the cutting surface along the sandpaper, writing out the trajectory of the figure eight. This allows you to level out the inevitable errors of manual sharpening: after all, the “eight” is obtained by superimposing reciprocating and circular motion. The duration of the operation depends on the degree of bluntness of the knife and the material from which it is made.

5. We wash the knife under a plentiful stream of water to remove all particles formed during processing on coarser sandpaper. If they remain on the blade, then when switching to sandpaper with a smaller grain size, such particles will cause scuffing and sharpening will be damaged.

6. We remove the first sheet from the glass and instead put the second sheet, but with a smaller grain size P 2000.

We repeat exactly the operation performed at step 4. Unless the clamp can be slightly reduced. And so that the fingers do not become numb during prolonged sharpening of the knives due to their small height, you can install a round cylindrical magnet on the upper surface of the blade and use it instead of a handle.

Water drains with wear products.


The quality of sharpening is determined visually: if it is high, then the knife over its entire surface will have a mirror appearance and will be very smooth to the touch. Before installing the knives in place, they must be lubricated with specially designed oil.

If there is no such lubricant, then engine oil should be preferred silicone. It is absolutely contraindicated to lubricate the knives with vegetable oil.