Christmas tree made of felt

DIY Christmas toys always cheer you up and create the atmosphere of a fairy tale. Pendants made of felt are an interesting and not difficult craft. There are a lot of options for such a product, they are limited only by the imagination of its creator. Today we will learn how to make herringbone pendants.

For the manufacture of pendants, the following materials will be required: a thin green felt, a dense brown felt, a narrow satin ribbon, threads, buttons of different colors and sizes, scissors, a needle.

1. Take a green felt and cut out of it two identical triangles about 10 cm high.

2. From brown felt, cut out a 2 by 3 cm rectangle.

3. On felt triangles with our buttons.

4. Sew the triangles together with a “forward needle” stitch, when stitching in the lower part between the parts we will place a brown felt rectangle and sew it all together.

5. At the top, leave a small hole and insert a ribbon into it. Sew the Christmas tree to the end.

6. The suspension is ready.