Christmas toy "Hat

To make a Christmas tree toy in the form of a miniature hat, you will need the following materials and tools:

1. cardboard roll (cylinder),

2. a small piece of thick cardboard,

3. glue "moment crystal",

4. scissors,

5. a simple pencil,

6. compass,

7. Cloth for hats

8. threads in fabric color,

9. needle for manual work,

10. beads, beads and lace for decorating hats,

11. iron.

Cardboard rollers or cylinders are often used in production as the basis for winding textile materials, for example, curtain web, or the basis for adhesive tape. In a word, it is easy to find such a blank for a hat at home or ask at a fabric store, or simply glue it from thick cardboard.

One of the end faces of the cylinder should be sealed with a cardboard bottom. You also need to cut out the fields for the future hat. It is important that they correspond proportionally to the size of the cylinder.

On top of the bottom, stick a fabric circle with a diameter exceeding the diameter of the cylinder by 2 cm.

Then you need to cut out a rectangle that is 2-3 cm longer than the linear dimensions of the cardboard cylinder. One long and one short edges of the fabric should be ironed 1 cm, the fabric blank should be glued to the cylinder, covering the open sections with ironed edges.

The hats are also covered with fabric. To do this, cut a strip, the length of which will be equal to the outer circumference of the cardboard fields + 2 cm, and the width - the width of the fields + 1 cm. One long section of the strip needs to be ironed by 1 cm, and the short sides should be sewn together with a 1 cm seam.

The ironed edge of the strip must be glued to the cardboard fields.

With the help of a thread and a needle, the flaking edge of a strip of fabric embedded in uniform small folds should be fixed.

We glue the prepared cylinder and hat fields together.

The finished hat can be decorated with lace and decorative beads. In addition, from the threads and beads in the upper part of the cylinder you need to make a long (at least 15 cm) eyelet - for hanging a toy on a Christmas tree branch.

On the back of the hat margins, glue a circle of fabric so that the toy looks neat from all sides.

A Christmas tree toy in the form of a miniature hat is ready!