How to make shoes non-slippery at home

How to make shoes non-slippery at home

Unfortunately, sometimes the joy of buying new shoes is overshadowed by the fact that the sole is slippery. Of course, you can go to the shoemaker and do prophylaxis, but often there is not enough time for this and money. But this problem can be easily solved at home, and even save about 1000 rubles.

For work, we need:

• Universal glue, you can use ordinary super-glue.

• A small piece of felt the size of your sole. Felt can be purchased at a shoe store, it is usually sold specifically for polishing shoes after cleaning with cream. You can also use old boots.

• Scissors.

So, we proceed:

1. Cut two pieces of felt to the size of the sole of the heel and two pieces to the size of the fore part of the shoe.

2. Abundantly and very carefully lubricate the pieces of felt and the sole itself.

3. Glue in such a way that the edges of the die do not stick out and do not bully.

That's all. Now you are not afraid of any ice. Such prevention is enough for two weeks. By the way, instead of felt, in this way, pieces of sandpaper with a large relief can also be glued, but practice shows that felt is better.

Good luck