Chicken fillet in soy sauce in a pan

Asian dishes have more and more fans every day. And, if before everyone went to the appropriate cafe, now many are trying to cook at home. Moreover, all the components can be bought without problems, and such dishes will not take much time, because the oriental cuisine is based on the rapid frying of all ingredients. And it’s better to start with the simplest, for example, chicken in soy sauce in a pan. A minimum of products, and in the end you get a tasty dish in just a few minutes. Having mastered this, one can say, basic, recipe and tasted it, in the future you can experiment by slowly adding new ingredients, seasonings, various vegetables. Be sure to try it.


  • 150 g chicken fillet

  • soy sauce 50 ml.

  • sesame seeds 1 tbsp

  • corn starch 2 tbsp

  • sugar 0.25 tsp

  • vegetable oil 15 ml.

Cooking order

Prepare everything you need. Pour soy sauce into a bowl, add granulated sugar. Stir until crystals are dissolved.

Cut the fillet into thin long strips like noodles. It is more convenient to do this if the meat is well chilled. Put in the sauce.

Leave for half an hour for pickling. Time should not be increased, then chicken in soy sauce in a pan can turn out to be excessively salty.

Pour oil into a spacious skillet with a thick bottom and put on fire. Meanwhile, remove the chicken pieces and shake the marinade well. Transfer to another plate, pour in starch and sesame seeds.

Stir with your hands so that the fillet is coated on all sides.

Immediately put on a hot frying pan, disassembling into separate pieces. If there are too many chicken or use a small pan, fry in portions.

Keep on high heat for a minute, stir and fry for the same amount of time. Pour the soya marinade from the bowl.

Wait for the liquid to evaporate. At the same time, the fillet will become glossy due to caramelization of sugar.

Serve chicken fillet in soy sauce in a pan immediately, can be supplemented with spicy tomato or soy sauce, herbs, vegetables.