How to light a fire with an empty lighter

Everything in life can happen, especially when you do not wait. For example, you went fishing or camping. They took a lighter with them to make a fire and did not test it for performance. Upon arrival at the place, it turned out that there was no gas in it and there was no opportunity to make a fire.

This is not entirely true. An empty lighter with a flint still working is a great option for making a fire and now I will demonstrate everything.

For clarity, I drilled a tank with a knife so that the remaining gas would come out. I poured water from a bottle to further complicate the task.

Firebreaking with a disposable gas-free lighter

Find dry branches of medium thickness. From them it is necessary to tear off the bark.

The bark is thin, easily removed almost by itself.

Further, breaking it in the direction of the fibers, randomly chopping, we turn something similar to cotton wool.

Next, we make a selection and select the thinnest hairs and strands.

We add a small tube from them, one end of which we insert spice close to the flint. And we fix it all in the hand.

Previously, of course, I dried the lighter. This is done simply by wiping it on dry clothes.

Now the most crucial moment. We take everything in hand and carry out a sharp movement on a straight board so that the gear wheel spins as long as possible. During this, sparks will sprinkle directly on the makeshift cotton.

This business can be conducted not only about the board, but also about clothes, just be careful.

Next, quickly take our wick and inflate. We put it without delay in the remaining widespread bark.

And we are already building a full bonfire adding leaves, branches, brushwood.

Here is such a simple trick. Personally, this method has already helped me out once. Good luck to everyone friends!