Protecting seedlings from snails with electric current

An interesting and simple way to make electric protection on a battery 9 In your seedling crop (specifically a tomato in our case) from snails, slugs and other unpleasant crawling types of worms and caterpillars.

Many gardeners and gardeners are well aware of how snails love to eat leaves of tomato seedlings. In my greenhouse (or on the street) there are boxes with it.

And the snails are constantly trying to get to him, just save no. Somehow I came up with such a way to protect against them.

Will need

  • Self-adhesive copper tape - you can buy on Ali Express (//

  • Battery type "Crohn" 9 V.

  • Block for connecting to the battery.

  • A pair of wire.

  • A pair of small plastic bottles for the case.

We make protection against snails and a creeper

Two tracks must be made of copper tape.

We glue the box for seedlings around the perimeter. Two strips with a small distance from each other (5-10 mm).

Next, you need to make a waterproof box to protect the battery from rain. For this, the two lower parts of the plastic bottles were used. Cut off the halves.

And connect them to boxing.

In one of the covers we make a hole with a hot soldering iron and remove the wires from the block through it. We seal with hot glue.

Close the box.

We solder the long wires of the wire to the conclusions, isolate it with heat shrink or electrical tape.

Solder long conductors to the strips on the box.

That's all. Protection activated.

The device in its original form practically does not consume electric current. When it rains, the item will be protected. And thanks to the sides of the box for seedlings, rainwater will not get on the electrodes.

How it works?

A snail is a slug that is completely covered with mucus, and it, in turn, like any liquid, passes electric current well.

As soon as the snail is about to get to your plants, it will need to cross the area with copper stripes. And as soon as she crosses them, she will close the circuit with her body and an electric current will run through the snail.

This of course will not kill her, but it will greatly frighten her for a second that she will even try to hide in the sink.

An attempt to overcome such a barrier will be averted. Harvest saved!

Such protection can be made for each plant as a whole.